The Dimensions of the Pashmina

Pashmina at the Best of its Dimensions

The usage of shawls has grown as a necessity for few and as an accessory for many others. The usage of a cashmere shawl has been quite common among people all over the world. In ancient time, people’s purpose on each of the shawls, stoles, and the scarves were different and unique. The cashmere scarf is the smallest of all. The stole is a bit bigger than a scarf and the cashmere shawl is the biggest of all. A scarf can be wide by a foot and long by more than a few feet. A cloth which measures more than this does not fall into the category of a scarf. But today, there is no great difference between each of the shawl, stole, and scarf. They all look the same but with varying purposes.

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