Astrology Manifestation Crash Course: 1. Learn the Basics

Astrology Manifestation Crash Course: 1. Learn the Basics

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This class is different.

Astrology is meant to be something we use to make better life choices. A lot of dictionary definitions out there but almost nothing regarding practical, real-world application.

This course, broken into classes you can select, aims to teach you how to actually use Astrology to manifest abundance and make your life better. This is a different kind of magic.

This first class is about the basics. We will go over the glyphs, main energies of the planets and signs, discuss aspects and why they're important, and narrow down the systems I use that have proven themselves timeless.

This class is a live Zoom class. You do not need a Zoom account or to pay for Zoom but you do need the app downloaded to your mobile device or computer to join. ( You will be provided a link for unlimited access afterwards.

There will also be a Q&A so I can go over any questions and clarify information in the course.

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