Quick Question Astro (Email Delivery)

Quick Question Astro (Email Delivery)

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If you have a single question you would like guidance on, select the level of detail you want and we will provide a video response using Alchemystic Astrology to bring you clarity.

Nearly every answer you could fathom is hidden within your natal, progressed, relocated, & transit energies waiting to be unlocked. Once we identify the energies at play, we can transmute them while aligning with divine timing.to find the path forward that's best for you!

Quick Answer: If the question you have is a very quick, simple one and all you're looking for is a quick look at the energies and some insight, select this option. This is not for anything detailed-- just some surface understanding of what's going on.

Basic Reading: Sometimes a quick answer is not enough. You may not need a deep dive but you do need a little more than a rapid response. This is the option for those types of questions.

Detail & Clarity: Bringing an extra level of detail and clarity by including more natal, progressed, & transit energies for expanded or nuanced questions can often be what you need. Choose this option to get more detail & clarity than a basic reading but not necessarily an all-out full deep dive.

Deep Dive: If you're seeking answers to a complex situation or detailed question and want the most information available in response, this would be the option to select. A deeper introspection can often bring advanced meaning and understanding to circumstances.

*There is no time limit for these readings. They are recorded as I read them live and when I have reached what I feel I can tell you within the generalized energies and the level of detail requested, I will stop. Some charts are more straight-forward than others so there is no set time for these readings.

*All readings delivered via unlisted/private YouTube video link. If you order a RUSH reading, please note that we do prioritize those and process during our normal business hours.