The Death of Modern Western Pop Music

It’s with serious regret that I want to inform you all the untimely (but blatantly obvious) death of contemporary Western pop music.

Regrettably,’ Pop’ as it had been fondly called was ailing for sometime, so nobody seemed to recognize when it eventually bellied up.
‘Pop music’ was famous for bringing us lots of excellent hits of the decades. Several of these’ hits’ day as long ago at the 1940s, and more than the years there was numerous memorable songs from the 50s, 70s, 60s, 80s as well as 90s.

One may even dare say that music that is popular from every age and out of various other areas of the world (Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic) also have stood the final test of time, with the works of several composers being analyzed and also done for this very day.

pop music

Though something odd occurred from the dawn of the brand new millennium. At very first none got some notice, but by the conclusion of the following ten years it had been painfully obvious.

There was no originality and innovation any longer. In reality most artists, no matter musical category all began to sound exactly the same, like all these musical groups have been being produced from the very same warehouse.

It did not matter in case you are pop, dance, electronica, hip hop or maybe rock’ n roll (although I question the latter 2 will genuinely make it onto a mainstream radio playlist), most music had exactly the same flow, similar chord progression (I, V, vi, IV), exactly the same breaks, characteristics, along with nearly all of the singers sounded precisely like each other.

From then on it was awfully formulaic. It was way too clear never to recognize, however there was no cries for change.

Everybody appeared to be deaf to that which was playing

This particular writer thinks the death was brought on by 3 culprits, just like the 3 legs of a comfortable seat. But like other things right after some time with wear and tear, the thighs and legs of this particular musical seat began to decay, and there was absolutely no carpenter to resolve the issue, therefore the thighs and legs started to be wobbly and also the seat gradually collapsed.

The 3 legs were: Record Labels, Radio and also the Artists themselves

Record product labels sprang up near the mid 1920s as a means to capture, produce, market and spread the music which was going on during the time. There was A&R departments (Artist&Repertoire) which searched for brand new talent and created a roster of artists/groups which would’ sign’ to that particular sell and label records on the buying public. But alas, the record execs started to be lazy and greedy over the years and also have all but ceased the A&R departments of theirs.

The main point here is, you as an artist, you gotta have everything, good to go for a label to go in on the bandwagon of yours. And also you gotta be sell able. In case you are not cute, gorgeous, young and be hip with what ever gimmick is the most recent trend, next you will not sell. It is that crude and simple. A label is not much more than a bank today, and they want an excellent return on the investment of theirs. And also the artist will be the purchase.

The 3 major labels that’re left right now (because the others got swallowed in place through the years) could not care any less about music that is normal compared to a bank is concerned about helping low-income earners get yourself a mortgage.

Then up: Radio

From its’ infancy, stereo really helped construct a comprehension of a brand new, hip fashionable music which was taking the planet by storm. The very first radio news broadcast occurred August thirty one, 1920 and shortly after music shows started being aired. The brand new fashionable music did not have a name as yet, but everything that was intending to change.

America was flooring a goldmine, and also together with British children, musicians took on the blues as well as jazz, mixed everything up and also gave it the own twist of theirs. Next thing you knew, Rock n Roll came into this world as well as the music of the late 1940s as well as 50s had VOLUME and spunk.

Rock n Roll brought music of the working male directly to really doorstep, it gave birth to numerous sub genres – Heavy Metal, Grunge, Alternative, Indie, Shoe Gaze along with Pop music all owe the lifestyle of theirs to Rock n Roll. It is worthy to be aware that each sub-genre bore the own children of theirs, so we are able to claim that Rock n Roll had a lot of kids and grandchildren.

In order to have a glimpse at the kids that Rock n Roll will leave behind (courtesy of Wikipedia, simply head to Google).

But Blues & Jazz likewise had one more offspring across exactly the same period – R&B, a phrase regrettably coined to distinguish music of African American origin from Rock n Roll. Ridiculous also genuinely racist, though it’s a phrase that’ stuck’.

Consequently, Jazz as well as Blues leave behind 2 children – R&B as well as Rock’ N Roll. Each had the reasonable share of theirs of radio airplay in the first days. Both children helped to produce Pop what it had been.

But as the story goes, there arrived along a crook – Payola

Because of the labels, they made certain the ONLY information on radio, was theirs. Eventually mainstream radio was simply paid marketing for a label. When you do not trust me, turn on any mainstream Top forty station and then leave it on for one day or perhaps 2. The station is going to play a couple of songs at least approximately five times one day. Therefore there is just a few songs on radio for airplay? Never mind you will find thousands and thousands of musicians/artists/bands globally, just a couple of songs get played on mainstream radio.

That takes us to Artists: it appears that the majority of artists nowadays all wish to be rich and famous (if that is actually possible with the label as well as entertainment lawyers having everything. And instead of writing anything of creative compound, most modern day pop artists are out to produce a quick hit. The word one hit wonder cannot apply to them since the dreadful hits keep coming. They can re-name’ Artists’ to’ Factory Clones’ as in nearly every music genre there is several which generally sound/look just alike.

And then arrived across the toughest part –

The disease to stop everything – Autotune (the unit which made a bad sole a star)

Collectively, these 3 together with the man made condition of theirs helped kill the pop music sector.

Unfortunate that nobody saw it coming, perhaps something could’ve been completed.

Though it’s way too late, & we’ve currently are simply the memories of when music utilized to imply a thing.

When we were able to recall a song from the 40s, 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, 90s.

But could you remember some pop song from the brand new millennium?

I confident cannot. And also for probably the most part, I do not wish to, it is that dreadful.

Rest in peace Pop, we’d fun for some time.