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Ashley & Logan chat about spiritual things, mystical life, philosophy, and even bring on special guests and fans to talk about any holistic, paranormal, or Neptunian topic!

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About Us

Meet the Mystic Rebels

These two Mystic Rebels created this community as a place to expand spiritual knowledge and as a safe space for members to practice and remove the stigma behind what's considered taboo within the occult and spirituality!

Logan, Ashley, and their family are highly psychic and embrace their gifts to help others so they may find balance and peace during this life's journey!

We may be the creators; the mother and father at the helm of this community, but there's no denying it-- we are all Mystic Rebels!

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What is Tarot?

78 Cards

Tarot is the spiritual practice of channeling messages from a higher power and relaying them to a querent to help lead them beyond roadblocks, above circumstance, and toward a higher vibrational lifestyle.

There are 22 Major Arcana Cards which represent larger themes and 56 Minor Arcana which represent the journey through life. These 78 Cards are used in tandem to deliver messages from your Guides, Spirit, and the Universe.

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What is Astrology?

12 Houses

Astrology is the art-science of interpreting celestial energies as they influence our lives and our very beings. We use mathematical calculations to make predictions, explain events, and help coach you toward a higher vibrational lifestyle.

Everything is broken down into 12 houses which represent various areas of life. Those houses are ruled by 12 signs which are ruled by 9 planets. How these energies lay in your chart, pass through the sky, and interact with each other determines the type of life you will lead and the types of choices and situations you must face.

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