Tarot 101: A Journey Through the Major Arcana

Tarot 101: A Journey Through the Major Arcana

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This is your introduction to tarot whether you’ve practice tarot for sometime or you are new to the experience. This will be your opportunity to understand the major arcana at its deepest level. I believe if we can all access our own psychic mind and become our most trusted advisor, we can make miracles happen within our lives. 

In the previous class we learned how Everyone is psychic and how to develop our connection to the power we are born with. Now that we have this understanding, we can dive to the depths with the magnificence of Divination, Tarot! 

We will be using the rider Waite tarot deck as the main representation for these energies and interpretations. We will also be looking at nontraditional writer wait clones to broaden our perspective. It is not necessary to have a tarot deck in order to take this class, but you can absolutely use your deck as we go through this class. If you do have a deck make sure to take out the 22 major arcana from the deck and set them aside before class starts. 

 I am so excited to expand or introduce you to the transformational power of Tarot in this first class! ⭐️