Manifesting Magical Abundance

Manifesting Magical Abundance

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Manifesting Magical Abundance starts here and now!! 

Here is your opportunity to transform your life with this powerful 21 day transformation! This is a turning point in your life. In this Class we break through your emotional and subconscious barriers of worthiness. There are discovery questions you will receive prior to class which will help you dig down to the depths of what has been getting in the way of you living the life of your dreams. You will learn both the science and spiritual essence of manifestation. You will also have me going through each ritual with you, sharing my own personal path with this work and how I have unlocked abundance for myself and my clients.

In this class you will be creating three very powerful manifestation tools and these will be the keys to becoming the person you were born to be. You will be Creating an Abundance Mantra, Anointing Oil, and the priceless honey-jar spell.

You will need a few materials in order to complete each ritual but they are easy to find and you may even already have them in your house! I encourage you to use recycled materials wherever possible. 🌿

Materials Needed for Class

1-3oz. Your choice of carrier oil

& essential oil (as a bonus)

1-3oz. empty glass bottle for oil

1 small- medium glass jar with lid

1/2 cup of honey

paper and pen

Any preferred dried herbs (optional)

1 small spell candle (white, green or red) & candle holder

I am so honored you are ready to change your life and have chosen me to go through this journey with you as your teacher and guide.

Take the class and start making your life magical today! ⭐️

These are the questions for you to answer prior to class. We will be going over them during class and understanding why these questions are so important. You may even find that your answer to these questions change by the end of class and that is totally fine. I simply want you to answer these questions from the place that brought you to seeking the guidance of this class.

Breakthrough Questions

What is your relationship to your worthiness of abundance & money?

What part of you feels unworthy of money and happiness?

What are your beliefs surrounding money?

What abundance goals are you looking to manifest into your reality and why?

Can’t wait for you transform your life.

See you in class! 💗