Q&A 1: Foundations Masterclass

Q&A 1: Foundations Masterclass

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A monthly-held webinar for students who have completed the first 4 classes of the Foundations Masterclass.

These are the questions answered in this Q&A:

  1. Can you go into detail on Chiron?
  2. Can you discuss the layers of the three charts in more detail pretty please?
  3. Can you further explain how to work with semi-sextiles when there’s multiple 3 or more? I have seen this in many charts I have looked at.
  4. For meanings, do you focus on the house meaning or the general meanings associated with the planets?
  5. Should transits be layered on top of the natal chart or the progressed chart to get an accurate reading of upcoming energies to be dealt with?
  6. Can we explain the significance of the nodes when it comes to transits?
  7. How to break down a satteletium going into the ruler. Ex jupiter, saturn, mars in virgo not conjunct going into mercury
  8. How does bi -directionality of rulership work with aspects, ex. Pluto in sag sextile neptune in aquarius, how does jupiter play a role in this aspect (assuming jupiter isnt aspecting either of these planets)
  9. You touched on this at end of first class but can you expand on how to use our natal vs relocated chart to read transits and just how to interpret our natal energy w/relocated chart in mind. I moved from Euro to US at 7 (36 now) whole chart flipped (Taurus rising natal, Sag rising relocated), both seem to apply in terms of my energy and I’m feeling lost which chart to refer to for transits too.
  10. In the first class you mentioned physical traits of a couple of the rising signs- could you just real quick go through each of the 12 signs and give us a couple of the typical physical traits each possesses and what you would look for (appearance wise) to figure out someone’s rising sign? For example, I think you said Aquarius is more androgynous, etc. Also, thank you for doing this! We appreciate it!
  11. When I read natal chart first I start solving problemems from the last ruling planet? (For example: Mars in leo's ruler is the Sun in virgo, then mercury in gemini - did I start solving problem from Mercury cause he is the one who contains all those energies?)
  12. Diference between two different squares, for example: moon square Saturn and Saturn square moon? First like ten house nature and second like four house cancer nature? What is diference for "solving the square problem", what is advice in first and what in second case?
  13. If you have satellitium and stellium in the same house, how do we go about it? In stelllium is the order of plantes important?
  14. Can you show a example how you consider a stellium across cusp lines like a planet at 29 deg and 1 or 2 degrees?
  15. When looking at the orb of influence how do you interpret one planet
    falling in the orb of influence and the other not, would you not consider it an aspect? Like moon aspecting Uranus?

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